Thursday, December 15, 2011

San Augustine County Run

Today we ventured just 5 miles south of our house to San Augustine County.  San Augustine is the possibly the oldest city in Texas.  We visited four cemeteries and found 3 of the 4 caches.

Usually, we the items we find in geocaches are just junk.  In the Greer Cemetery, we picked up a little plastic token with an etching of rat terrier named Echo.  The person who left it was from Santa Clara, California and his username is winini on  We'll hold on to this one!

Big Bro at Whitton Cemetery
A core value in geocaching is to clean up trash in the area you are caching.  Here is the leftover trash from a party held outside of Whitton Cemetery.  Geocachers call this Cache In - Trash Out or CITO.  It is always good to carry a trash bag with you to clean up litter.  We should strive to leave areas cleaner than we found them.  Geocachers across the country even hold CITO events to clean up parks and other public areas.

Trash found at Whitton Cemetery

Haley Bush Cemetery is a peaceful location

We had wondered about this lake.  We saw a sign directing us to it from US 96.  We were disappointed to learn that this beautiful lake is privately owned.
Bland Lake

 I learned that the original geocache (then called stash) was in Escacada, Oregon.  Here is a picture of the plaque that is placed there.  Okay, now I know that we will have to travel there to find it!  It is 1,782 miles from our house as the crow flies.  It would be 2, 338 miles by car.

Original Stash in Escacada, Oregon

Stay posted for pictures from our next trek!

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